Frequently Asked Waveski Questions

Waveski is for everyone! Wavesking is one of the few wave-riding sports that makes the timeless thrill of surfing accessible to everyone, even the physically challenged – because you’re sitting down, all you need is pair of arms, some sense of balance, a dash of common-sense, and most importantly – the desire to SURF.

Surf Rules

Don’t drop in! – Give right of way to the person who is on the inside.

Don’t hog waves! – Riding each and every wave in a crowded break is bad manners.

Don’t endanger others! – Uncontrolled and unnecessary manoeuvres are dangerous.

Don’t paddle out through the break! – Go round, it’s safer and won’t spoil any rides.

Be polite! – Being rude creates tension in a crowded break.

Don’t surf beyond your ability! – You could put yourself in places beyond your ability. Study the waves and the water before leaving the beach.

Think about safety! – Use leashes or seatbelts and fins for control. Watch for other surfskiers.

Share the sea! – All surf-sports have a right to waves – share them!

Don’t ignore local laws! – Laws are usually there for a reason. Stay away from swimmers.

Don’t surf on your own! – Surf with a friend.

Frequently Asked Waveski Questions - Surf Rules
Frequently Asked Waveski Questions - Suggested Extras

Suggested Extras

Paddle-leash (rubber bungi-cord attaching paddle to waveski to prevent it getting lost)

Seatbelt (strongly recommended, enable you to learn the Eskimo Roll technique)

Buttpad (Foam seatpad to make the seat more comfortable and minimise slipping)

Wetsuit to keep you warm and safe

The Minimum Requirements

A waveski with footstraps (which are standard)

A two-blade paddle (aluminium or glass-fibre shaft)

1 or 3 Fins (depending on the model of waveski – count the slots on the bottom)